XIZAN was created in Dec 2017 with the initial goal of developing the invention here presented. The short term objective of the company is the completion of the final development phase and market launching of the product MY SOLAR PLANTThe goal of the company in the mid-term is the design and development of innovative devices and functionalities in the domain of Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS).


The MODULE design is protected by a patent already granted in the US and in pending status in EU and China. On 22 Aug 2020 the International Bureau published the PCT with the assigned number WO2019/158796 A1. On 24 Dec 2020 the US patent application was published by the USPTO with registration number US-2020-0403560-A1. 

The BOX design is protected by means of a national utility patent registered in July 2022. 


Luis Casla is the creator of the system and founder of the company. He is an ICT expert with 20 years experience in the industry as SW designer, SW & Systems Engineer and Project & Systems Manager.

Pedro Banda is participating in the project as independent advisor since 2018, after collaborating as a mentor in the framework of CM's (Comunidad de Madrid) Madri+d Mentoring Program.

The company was integrated in PCM's (Parque Científico de Madrid) startups accelerator program from 2018 to 2022, and successfully completed participation in the program Cleantech Open in 2021.

XIZAN is member of EEN (Enterprise Europe Network), world's largest support network for SMEs, since January 2020.