(NOTE: since currently the intellectual property protection of the BOX is not yet implemented the relevant design details that make possible the use of the BOX in both portable and home modes are not here presented; these important features will be presented in the next website upgrade). 

The BOX is a compact volume comprising a hybrid inverter and a lithium battery that is currently in design phase. 

The selected hybrid inverter is an advanced commercial solution that apart from providing the AC output to feed the loads includes a DC input/output connection for the battery, an AC input for the grid and a DC input for the PV panels. This DC input is internally connected to an MPPT controller that maximizes the PV panels performance. The connectivity is completed with a serial port communication to monitor all the energy parameters. The hybrid term of the inverter refers to the capacity to work in several operation modes depending on the priority given to either the PV generation or the grid, and the configured charge thresholds of the battery.


A lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 battery is the technology chosen for the system with a particular capacity, shape and dimensions for fitting in a compact volume with the inverter. Among the lithium batteries this particular technology is the one that best complies with the requirements of safety and lightness, both of paramount importance in a portable high efficient system like the one presented.

The package inverter-battery is assembled in a compact box that can be hung in the wall close to the electric board when integrated in a domestic installation. The box incorporates wheels and a retractable handle to ease its transport when used in an isolated environment. 

Preliminary designs focusing on solving the capacities and operation functionalities have been already tested and validated.