MY SOLAR PLANT is an easy-to-use solar generation system for multiple self-consumption applications. It’s been designed to empower end-users with a highly performant personal solar generator that can be used both as a permanent home solar system (home solar mode) and also for temporary uses as a portable solar system (portable mode). The swapping from one mode to the other is an operation fully managed by the user (1 only person suffice) in just some minutes and with no tools.

MY SOLAR PLANT Schematic Architecture

The system consists of an array of modules ("The MODULES"), each containing a self-supporting structure and semi-flexible PV panels, and a power box ("The BOX") comprising an advanced hybrid inverter and a lithium battery. Furthermore the self-supporting structure incorporates an innovative 2-axes solar tracker highly accurate and affordable. The inverter includes an AC input source for uninterrupted supply, that in permanent applications (in home mode), like in households and small businesses, will be the electrical grid, and in outdoor applications (in portable mode) will typically be a fuel generator.

As a home solar system MY SOLAR PLANT has the advantage of much lower installation costs and the fact it's suitable for multiple applications since the MODULES can be adapted to many more environments than traditional panels.

As a portable system MY SOLAR PLANT is among the lightest in the market, and it's transported, quickly assembled and fully operated by just 1 person with no need of tools (real Plug&Play).


  • Home mode 
    Perfect for gardens, terraces or accessible flat roofs (so that user can take some of them off for portable mode)...

 ...but also adaptable as traditional panels in roofs...                                    ...or façades and balconies......

or for roofs of RV's and decks of boats


  • Portable mode
    Solar Kits (set of MODULES and the BOX) perfect for nature lovers...

     ...MODULES in standalone mode as Solar Chargers for charging batteries and all rechargeable devices...

     ...BOX in standalone mode as Power Stations rechargeable at home


Quick presentation video ->