An importat potential increase in the performance of the system comes from the fact the generation drops due to shadows could be easily avoided by manually moving the modules in operation. And this is an advantage only a portable system like the one presented can bring.

It's important to mention how significant these drops are, even with relatively small shadows. The above generation chart that corresponds to the left panel in the left picture shows a good example: the 2nd drop in the chart that results in an energy generation loss around 40% during 40 minutes corresponds to the shadow caused by a thin streetlamp than can be seen in the left picture.

Of course this improvement is not always applicable since users won't be always present but in some cases like in small businesses (cafe/restaurant terraces for instance) where employees are always present this could be handled with a labor cost increase completely marginal.

To ease the movement of the modules during installation or during operation 2 handles are available:

  • A bottom handle allows the management of the module when it's placed above the ground level (ie. a table)
  • A top retractable handle is the appropriate one to be used when the module is placed on the floor.