Low cost

As mentioned in the short definition the manufacturing material to be used for the structure is plastic. Several plastic types have been tested (ABS, ASA, POLYAMIDE) and all of them are complying with resistance and low cost requirements. Regarding the manufacturing methods both additive and traditional moulding injection are contemplated. The first will be the one used in the first stages of the commercialization when the required production capacity is low. The second is the one to be used when mass production capacity is needed. In both scenarios the manufacturing cost are low in comparison with the price of traditional fixed aluminium structures for PV panels.

Regarding the manufacturing of the sun tracker electronic board the cost will also be low since all selected electronic components are "off-the-shelf". This means they are standard and mass-produced by many companies in the world.

The rest of the elements in the system (PV panels, inverter and battery) are actually based on technologies whose cost are decreasing significantly and it's expected to keep this tendency in coming years.